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We are friends

april 2014

Los Coming Soon present a groovy sexy album, defined by its pop music craft oriented to the dance floor. All they wanted to do is to make a party with their friends, and everyone is invited. posing new fresh sounds for the Latin American indie music scene.

  • 1. La Pista
  • 2. Alcohol
  • 3. Juntos
  • 4. Underground
  • 5. Carta Astral
  • 6. Voodoo Toy
  • 7. Mañana (ft Ale Sergi)
  • 8. Simple
  • 9. Fuego
  • 10. Cowboys


We Are Friends was pro-duced by Patricio Hirsch, recorded by Juan Stewart (Estudio el Árbol), mixed in NYC (US) by Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost) and mastered in NYC (US) by Joe Lambert (Moby, Hot Chip). It features 10 new songs including a special appearance by Ale Sergi from Miranda! in "Mañana" track.


We are family

march 2012

Debut album of the band, edited in 2012. Ideal to play it when night turns day!

  • 1. Fernet tastes good
  • 2. Buy the ticket, take the ride
  • 3. No way
  • 4. Bombay
  • 5. Behind the line
  • 6. Big red
  • 7. Nightlife
  • 8. The greatest bar in the world
  • 9. Now
  • 10. Numb3rs


We are Familiy was pro-duced and recorded by Patricio Hirsch, mixed and mastered by Juan Stewart (Estudio el Árbol).

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